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Lane Filtering Laws for QLD Motorbike Riders

Any motorbike rider who has made it through peak hour traffic would have experienced the honks, shouts, or at the very least, angry glances from car drivers annoyed at your ability to pass through traffic swiftly. Many drivers will grumble about motorbikes flouting the law without realising, if done properly, motorbike lane filtering is now … Continue reading Lane Filtering Laws for QLD Motorbike Riders

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Why Isn’t My Car Air Con Blowing Cold Air?

Australian summers can be pretty gruelling, especially if you have to spend long periods in the car, even more so if your car’s air conditioning has stopped working. When it first goes bung your first question might be “why me?” but we thought we’d answer the question of “why isn’t the air con working?” Out … Continue reading Why Isn’t My Car Air Con Blowing Cold Air?

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Using a Car Finance Calculator

Using a Car Finance Calculator At we provide an easy to use Car Finance Calculator to help you work out what you can afford to borrow by helping you discover what your repayments would be. It provides a rough guide on your repayment amounts based on the loan amount, loan period and interest rate … Continue reading Using a Car Finance Calculator

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Thong Weather Ahead For Road Trips

It’s shaping up to be another hot Australian summer and a recent study by Ford Australia has discovered a surprising trend. It seems 25% of learner drivers have admitted to wearing thongs while driving, with almost half of those on their provisional licence. While it’s not illegal to drive while wearing thongs, safety experts suggest … Continue reading Thong Weather Ahead For Road Trips

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Undercover Motorbike Cops & Mobile Phones

Have you ever pulled up at the lights, had a quick look around for cop cars then checked your mobile phone? Watch out! Perth, Western Australia now has undercover motorbike cops and they are cleaning up when it comes to drivers using mobile phones. We’ve already seen that things that work well for one State … Continue reading Undercover Motorbike Cops & Mobile Phones

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Christmas Holiday Caravanning Tips

It’s summer again and time for many of us to head out on the open road for holiday camping trips. To help you out we’ve put together a few caravan how to guides. Hitching a Caravan Tips on Towing a Caravan Reversing a Caravan If you’re in need of a new caravan these holidays talk … Continue reading Christmas Holiday Caravanning Tips

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Self Driving Cars From Google

The well-respected, former CEO of Hyundai Motor America, John Krafcik, was recently hired by Google to head up Google’s self-driving car program. This combined with the testing Google’s done on California streets and the green light to test in Texas means that an autonomous car could be right around the corner. These cars run on … Continue reading Self Driving Cars From Google

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Best Selling Car Blog Goes Back In Time

We recently discovered that the website,, now covers Historical Data for 104 markets across the world.  The best selling cars throughout the decades really help to visualise what life was like and what kind of people were driving – and what they were driving where! Highlights: The VW Beetle was the Number 1 car … Continue reading Best Selling Car Blog Goes Back In Time

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Supercheap Auto Big Break

Supercheap Auto asked their fans to come up with a 30 second TV ad that both reflected their perception of the store and their love of motoring. Supercheap received over 350 entries which were whittled down to just 10 hilarious TVCs with the winner being broadcasted on Channel 10 during the Bathurst 1000. The winning … Continue reading Supercheap Auto Big Break

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New Zealand Amphibious Craft

The earliest known amphibious vessel is thought to be an amphibious carriage dating back to the late 18th century. New Zealand companies, Stabicraft and Sealegs, have run with this idea and joined forces to create the awesome Stabicraft 2100 ST Supercab. Stabicraft’s motto is “Adventure with Confidence” and now with the help of Sealegs’ amphibious … Continue reading New Zealand Amphibious Craft

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