Will Diesel Engines Be Around Forever?

on May 05, 2022

With the growing research for energy-efficient and environment-friendly petroleum, you might think that diesel engines are about to phase out. We don’t think so. Despite the innovation on petroleum products, the demand for diesel engines is still significant.

Will diesel engines be around forever? Probably not, but we don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon. Here are the reasons why diesel will be around for a little longer.

Fuel Costs

Although diesel costs a little more per liter than petrol here in Australia, it is actually much cheaper in most countries in the world.  In fact, petrol is more expensive in 84% of all countries. The difference in prices is a result of each country’s refining cost and fuel taxes.


Diesel is known to last longer than petrol engines. Diesel is actually oil. It has great lubricating properties, whereas petrol doesn’t have any.  Diesel engines are also bulkier and stronger than petrol engines. Petrol engines typically become problematic after around 200,000 kilometers whereas Diesel engines have been known to get up to around 500,000 and more.

Resale value

Diesel engines hold their value for longer compared to petrol engines. One reason is that there is much fewer diesel cars on the road than petrol cars, second-hand diesel cars are sold at much higher prices. Also, since diesel is fuel efficient, diesel cars are in demand whenever petrol prices are very high.

Towing Capacity

Diesel cars are said to be able to produce more low-end power efficiently, which is better for towing than petrol engines over long distances, making it more ideal for adventure and also work. Turbo Charged Diesels are picking up the pace too, so a slow diesel engine is a thing of the past.

Environmental Concerns

Diesel engines used to produce black smokes that are environmentally dangerous. Now, it is just a thing of the past. The new diesel engine technology plus the use of Diesel Particulate Filter make diesel engines just as safe for the environment as petrol engines. Moreover, diesel engines are now very low in sulfur content than they were before.

A drastic change like abolishing diesel powered engines would take very long and would cost the government lots of money. And, because of these key features that we mentioned, we don’t think phasing out diesel engines will happen anytime soon. Especially, now that new technology made it more eco-friendly.

However, due to the increasing petrol and diesel cars on the road each year, the improvement in smoke emission hardly matters. That is why Tesla is trying very hard to make more electric cars available in the market. We applaud the company’s effort to manufacture affordable electric cars to help the entire world’s fight against global warming.

Aside from the electric cars, hybrid-engine cars are also becoming popular nowadays. They are more power-efficient and environment friendly than a diesel or petrol engine. But, they are still more costly at present. Until the time comes when hybrid and electric engines are affordable for everyone, diesel engines are here to stay.

Thinking About Buying A Diesel?

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