When is the best time to buy a new car?

on May 05, 2022

So you’ve decided this time you want a new car. By now you’ve done your research, have an idea of what you want, and you’re ready to start car shopping.

First of all, if you need finance you can organise a pre-approved car loan so you can negotiate with confidence.

Once you have your finances sorted out and you’re ready to start shopping and test driving you should consider when you’re going to do this. There are certain times of the month and year when you’re more likely to get a good deal on a new car.

End of Month

Starting at the more immediate level, you’re more likely to negotiate a bargain at the end of the month than at the start. The Salespeople in car dealerships have monthly targets they need to meet. If it’s getting to the end of the month and their targets are looming they’ll be more likely to make a deal than hold out for a bigger commission.

New Model Run-out Sales

If you know the model you want but aren’t necessarily concerned with getting the very latest model (but still want a new car) you can keep an eye out for the new model run-out sales. This is when dealerships reduce the price of the current models so they can clear space for the latest model to come in. You’re still getting a new car with the factory warranty, but with thousands knocked off the price.

End of the Calendar Year/Christmas

Hardly anyone is thinking about buying a new car around Christmas time – they’re thinking about what gifts to buy for who, where to go on holiday etc.

As well as being quiet, dealerships also know many people next year won’t want a car with the previous year’s build plate. A really quiet period and the need to clear out current models means you can often pick up a deal with a bit of Christmas car shopping.

End of Financial Year

Finally, you can pick up a new car at heavily discounted prices through the end of financial year sales. Dealerships are desperately trying to clear the previous year’s models to make way for new ones, and finalise their sales figures for the year. They are also really busy, so hold your ground when you negotiate on the price.


This should give you some idea of when to plan your car shopping and how to go about getting the best deal possible. If you need car finance to make your new purchase talk to the team at CarFinance.com.au today. We can also provide car insurance, as well as the extended warranty on new car purchases.