So What’s The Story With Interest Rates On Your Website?

Published rates on our sites are generally the minimum we can currently source from one of our panel of lenders.

So, Why Can’t I Just Have The Minimum Rate?

Everyone’s circumstances are different and so the rate applicable to you may be different. The best interest rate achievable for each particular loan is dependent on a large variety of factors, some being:

  • The lender
  • Amount borrowed
  • Age of the vehicle
  • The type of vehicle being purchased
  • The personal financial situation of the borrower
  • Type of finance (secured or unsecured) and a whole lot more

Interest Rates Aren’t The Whole Picture

You need to understand that interest rates on their own are not the complete picture that affects your loan repayments. Yes, interest rates are important, but other things like:

  • The loan term
  • Repayment frequency
  • Type of loan
  • How your loan is structured
  • Fees & charges (upfront and/or ongoing)
  • Payout penalties

have an effect on what you end up paying to repay your loan.

It’s Tricky To Give An Accurate Interest Rate On A Website

Without knowing your personal circumstances and the details of your purchase, it’s impossible to give you an honest answer as to what the interest rate we can source from our panel of lenders for you will be.  These lenders all have different lending criteria. What we can say confidently is that our rates will be highly competitive.

We work for you and not for the bank, finance company or car or bike yard!  It’s our job to get you the best deal we can.

So How Do I Get An Accurate Interest Rate?

With a few details about you, one of our trained finance consultants can provide you with an indication of the interest rate and likely repayment.

So that we can give you the most accurate rate for your circumstances, we ask for the following information:

  • Age and type of vehicle you’re looking to finance.
  • Purchasing privately or through a dealer.
  • Do you rent/board/own?
  • The amount required to borrow.
  • Desired loan term.

Get In Touch And Let Us Help

To find out what interest rates and more importantly what your repayments are likely to be, contact Car Finance on 1300 889 669 or apply online.  There are too many factors that are specific to you, our customer and your intending Car, Caravan or Bike purchase.

Our aim at Car Finance is to deliver on all these factors and help you compare your options to find the Finance package that suits you best, at the lowest overall cost given your unique circumstances to save you time and deliver you peace of mind.

 STOP! One Last Piece Of Advice

DON’T apply to a number of different lenders to find the best interest rate. This will backfire and probably end up costing you money and tarnishing a solid credit rating.