The ride sharing app Uber has certainly made an impact for Australians in metropolitan areas these past few years, affecting the way in which many of us now travel, shaking up the transport industry, and pressuring legislative change for state governments.

Putting the politics aside, Uber has proven itself as a way for just about anyone with a good driving record and serviceable vehicle to make money. We’ve put together a guide to becoming an Uber Driver.

What you need to be an Uber Driver

Firstly, you need an Uber approved car. There are a number of requirements for Uber approved vehicles, the most notable of which is it must be no older than 10 years and have no major cosmetic damage. You can find a full list of Uber approved car models for each major Australian city.

If your car isn’t on the Uber approved car list you can choose, as many new Uber drivers do, to buy a new car from your city’s approved list. Talk to us about car finance today.

Applying to be an Uber Driver

Paperwork! Uber checks up on its drivers so you will need to provide some things to qualify as an Uber driver. You’ll need to provide;

  • A Drivers Licence for the city where you’ll operate (must be full and valid)
  • Vehicle insurance document
  • Passport or birth certificate (passports cannot be within 2 years of expiration)
  • Passport style photograph of you
  • Driver’s accreditation (such as taxi licence if available)

Once you have all the documents together you can start the process by applying online. Once you’ve put in your application it should take around two weeks for Uber to perform background checks such as a criminal history check, and a driving history check.

If you’re thinking of becoming an Uber driver but your car isn’t on the approved cars list, or it’s older than ten years, you can talk to us about car finance. As a trusted broker with access to a wide panel of lenders, we can tailor loan packages to suit all drivers and situations.

Contact us on 1300 889 669 or simply apply online to get things moving today.