Although road rules are generally the same throughout Australia, there are some differences when you’re travelling from state to state, especially on a motorbike.

We look at some of the differences with New South Wales’ motorcycle laws and the prospect of lane filtering.

Motorbike Lane Filtering in NSW

Much like Queensland’s new lane filtering laws, it is legal to lane filter in NSW, and has been since the state was the first to introduce the changes in 2014.

You are allowed to move alongside other vehicles that have stopped or are moving slower than 30km/hr. You are only allowed if you are a fully licenced rider (not on L or P plates) and when it is safe to do so. You cannot lane filter in a school zone during school hours, nor when you are next to the kerb or parked vehicles.

It does not mean lane splitting is allowed. Lane splitting is when you ride past vehicles moving over 30km/hr while still in the same line. This is illegal and incurs heavy fines and 3 demerit points.

Other Motorbike Laws, Restrictions & Differences

  • Attaching a GoPro to your helmet (or any camera) that protrudes more than 5mm is illegal in NSW and can result in a costly fine.
  • Helmets must comply to the Australian Standards and have an Australian Standard sticker AS1698. This means if you’re from Queensland and have an ECE approved helmet you’ll have to get your hands on an Australian Standard approved helmet before crossing the boarder.
  • Motorbike passengers must be at least 8 years of age or older.
  • For more information or specific concerns you should visit the Transport for NSW website.


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