In 2009, Toyota said all its models would have a hybrid version in the early 2020s.

It’s now 2018 and the company hasn’t forgotten that promise and have no plans of backing out. Although their competitors Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover have already said they’ll be releasing electrified powertrain models in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Toyota is not about to take that sitting down. They’ll be making good on their promise from 2009 and prove their place in the market like they once did when they released the Prius.

What’s in store

Toyota is eyeing the release of around 10 electric models in 2025. Currently, 5 hybrid models like the Prius, Prius C, and V, Corolla and, Camry are sold down under. Units like the RAV4, C-HR, and Yaris are going to be added to the list in 2020 but that’s not final as there would be more announcements in the near future.

The company is also planning to take things to the next level as they collaborate with Panasonic to create prismatic batteries. These are much lighter than the ones currently used, provide better weight distribution in the car and are more cost-effective.

Taking on challenges

If there’s anything everyone can agree on, it is that necessity is the mother of invention. Carmakers do not scramble to make electric vehicles just because they’ve gotten bored of producing diesel or petrol-powered engines. What prompted them to manufacture these eco-friendly cars are the effects of climate change that are felt strongly, all across the globe. It has now become imperative for every sector to not add to the problem.

Toyota made an announcement of its environmental challenge in 2015. This challenge consists of 6 objectives that they hope to achieve by 2050. Part of their mission is to lessen carbon emissions by 90% compared to their 2010 data.

It’s no secret that the Japanese carmaker sells millions of cars each year. If all those vehicles were produced with less CO2 emission and are driven using clean energy, then their efforts would make a lot of difference.

Exciting times ahead

Toyota’s challenge will be changing the way they make vehicles forever and the company intends to make the transition easy for everyone. They expressed many times that they want to lessen carbon emissions and so, all their new models will have an electric drivetrain version along with traditional engines.

However, it still wouldn’t be hard to imagine when diesel and petrol engines will be things of the past. Now, it’ll be good to see all sorts of innovations coming from different companies. For example, Mazda, another Japanese carmaker, collaborated with Toyota to make a battery electric vehicle (BEV) that they will release in 2021.

Watch everything unfold

It’ll be interesting to see how Australia’s well-loved Hilux, Land Cruiser and, Prado will evolve to suit Toyota’s challenge. But apart from these popular cars, you’re still likely to see more EVs, BEVs, and hybrids and it’s an exciting thing to become familiar with these changes. After all, clean energy is what everything is gearing towards and you have to be in the know.

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