The earliest known amphibious vessel is thought to be an amphibious carriage dating back to the late 18th century. New Zealand companies, Stabicraft and Sealegs, have run with this idea and joined forces to create the awesome Stabicraft 2100 ST Supercab.

Stabicraft’s motto is “Adventure with Confidence” and now with the help of Sealegs’ amphibious technology, the Stabicraft 2100 can adventure with confidence by land or by sea. The Yamaha F200 in-line four stroke outboard gets the Supercab up to 37 knots with a comfortable cruise at 24 knots in the water.

On land, it can be driven up to 7km per hour. This makes it a bit like a seal or a turtle in that its land speed is significantly less than its water speed but it is capable over beach and bush track terrain.

The boat is ideal for fishing or work and can take passengers from the boat’s storage location into the water with all passengers staying high and dry and no wet legs as you float the boat out to sea. The wheels retract once the vehicle hits the water and on returning to shore, once they hit land they take over the driving.

Take a look at the video below to get a better understanding of how the boat operates.


Do you think this boat is worth the price tag at $225,000?