2018 marks a new era as GM’s Opel Insignia will be rebranded as the Holden Commodore.

The Commodore has been a staple on Aussie roads for nearly four decades, but next year Holden will no longer be producing cars locally. Instead, the cars will be made in Germany. Naturally, everyone is on the lookout for the first batch to be rolled out next year.

What’s in store for you

The new model will be 200kgs lighter than its predecessor, making it shorter and narrower. Fans of the Commodore SS might not be thrilled about its smaller appearance, but they’d definitely appreciate saving on fuel and not exhausting its engine as much.

To give you a better idea, the grille gets a more subtle look to complement the simpler side profile, while the rear comes in a lift-back style. Customers could also get their hands on a Sportwagon body shape, or the crossover-SUV style for those wanting a bit of character. That said, it definitely has a European feel.

Now, the units will hold a V6 engine with a nine-speed automatic transmission and torque vectoring system giving power to its all-wheel drive. Changing from Standard to Tour or Sports drive mode is also a breeze. Drivers will have a choice from a 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol or diesel engine. Equipped with GM’s FlexRide, the suspension is adaptive to give everyone a smoother journey.

No one wants to miss out on all the smart technology found everywhere today. That’s why next year’s offering will have adaptive cruise control which allows you to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. Another feature is its lane departure warning coupled with the lane keep assist, ensuring drivers avoid abruptly switching lanes.

There’s an AEB (Auto Emergency Braking) that’s activated when the car is in danger of colliding with obstacles. This system is so important that the TAC came up with a commercial to tell drivers about its benefits.

If you’re looking for comfort, it has massaging front chairs to make long rides bearable, and you can get extra space at the touch of a button when you fold the rear seats. Changing seasons isn’t a problem as the seats can be heated and cooled. Quiet time is easy thanks to an active noise-cancelling interior.

The 2018 Holden Commodore has a lot going on. Naturally, you wonder what it’s going to cost. We believe the price will be $39,000 more or less for the Evoke models. Fans could expect more changes as General Motors, owner of Holden, has been taken over by PSA. There’s no need to worry as representatives have expressed they’re committed to the brand.

That said, you’ve got the information to help you decide whether you should get a new Holden Commodore or not. Talk to us about car finance options to jump into one as soon as they launch!