We all know what a caravan is. Basically, it’s a vehicle made for living in, usually towed by a car and mostly used for holidays.

What many people don’t know is that there are a number of different types you can choose from depending on what kind of caravanning you plan to do. From conventional caravans to compact teardrops and big fifth wheelers, there really is something for everyone.

If you’re looking at buying a caravan in the near future this article should give you an idea of what you’re looking for. Once you know what you want, contact the team at CarFinance.com.au to sort out finance for caravan and shop with confidence.

Conventional / Full Caravan

Commonly found in caravan parks all over Australia, your traditional caravan has a full height roof and solid walls. They’re basically towed as-is and don’t need any setup or pack down.

You can set these caravans up with whatever home comforts you like. From air conditioners to home entertainment systems, functional kitchens, showers and more.

Because full caravans are so much like a portable home, easy to manage and have plenty of storage space, they’ve become popular with the growing “grey nomad” movement sweeping the country. Retirees are giving up the hassles of maintaining a large home and purchasing luxury caravans so they can live on the road and explore Australia at their leisure.

Pop Out & Pop Top Caravans

Pop-top CaravansWhile full caravans provide a lot of extra comforts they are rather cumbersome. They can restrict where you can drive by their size, and even chew up more fuel due to their weight and wind drag.

A more compact option is the pop-out or pop-top caravans. While still providing a sizable living area once you’ve set up at a campsite, your pop top/out variety can be compacted down to the size of a large trailer. You have much better visibility and less wind drag while towing, they’re easier to steer and you’ll fit under any bridge your car fits under.

Many pop-top caravans will even have a kitchen drawer or cabinet you can access while still in its compact form, perfect for rest stops on your holiday road trips.

The downside to pop-out caravans is the setup time and reduced storage space. These are more popular for young and active travellers, shorter trips or those holidaying on a budget.

Wind Up & Out Caravans

Wind up caravans operate much like pop-top caravans, extending to provide extra space or sleeping areas.

While the wind-up variety has virtually all the same benefits and setbacks of the pop-top caravans, they can offer a greater increase in space for a slightly longer set-up and pack downtime.

Teardrop Trailers

Teardrop TrailerAs the name would suggest, these caravans are shaped like a teardrop. They’re small, stylish, and designed to be towed behind any car, even small sports cars and trikes.

While teardrop trailers are easy to tow, they only offer basic accommodation. Usually, you’ll just have a double bed covering the whole floor, some basic cooking equipment and a little storage space.

Fifth Wheeler Caravans

If you’re really serious about your caravanning than the fifth wheeler is for you.

Fifth wheeler caravans are more spacious than traditional caravans and really do function as a home away from home. They’re furnished with real furniture and offer home luxuries over basic home comforts.

The downside is they don’t have a traditional hitch. Fifth wheeler caravans require a pickup truck or ute with an articulated towing connection on the bed. Classed as a big rig, there will be some roads and campsites you cannot access.

Motorhomes & RVs

Motorhomes and RVs (Recreational Vehicle) are basically caravans permanently attached to a vehicle.

Similar to conventional caravans and fifth wheelers they are always ready to go, more so in fact, as they are already attached to a vehicle and don’t require any hitching. This can also be the downside though.

Unless you’re willing to tow a small car behind your motorhome, you’ll have to drive it everywhere even after you’ve made camp.


This should give you some idea of what to look for when you start caravan shopping. If you want to get things moving you can call us at CarFinance.com.au to organise a caravan loan, or simply apply online today.