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Considerations When Buying a Motorcycle

Compared to 4-wheeled vehicles, motorcycles are smaller and have fewer components. That makes it easier to buy a bike than a car, right? Well, not really. There are many things to consider when buying a motorcycle, including the sheer number of motorbike makes and models to choose from and their capabilities. So, if you are […]

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Motorcycle Laws in Victoria

Motorcycle riding laws change from state to state across Australia. In recent years Victoria has been reviewing and making changes to motorcycle laws to make the roads safer and more accessible to everyone. If you’re moving to Victoria or going on an interstate road trip, make sure you know how the laws are different so […]

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ACT Motorcycle Laws & Lane Splitting

Motorbike riding laws differ from state to state across Australia. Whether you’re moving to Canberra, or just passing through on a road trip, make sure you know the riding laws in the ACT. Motorcycle Lane Filtering in Canberra The ACT started a 2 year trial in February 2015, for lane filtering laws allowing riders to […]

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NT Motorcycle Laws & Lane Splitting

Much like Western Australia, the road rules for motorbike riders in the Northern Territory are mostly the same as for other motorists, with just a few exceptions.We’ll look at some of the main differences from other states and important points to remember if you’re going on an Aussie road trip. Helmets Northern Territory has joined […]

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WA Motorcycle Laws & Lane Splitting

Aside from the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS), there aren’t too many road rules specifically for motorbikes in Western Australia. Because there have been some motorbike law reforms in other states, we thought it would be a good idea to provide a bit of a rundown on their road rules in case you’re new to […]

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NSW Motorcycle Laws & Lane Filtering

Although road rules are generally the same throughout Australia, there are some differences when you’re travelling from state to state, especially on a motorbike. We look at some of the differences with New South Wales’ motorcycle laws and the prospect of lane filtering. Motorbike Lane Filtering in NSW Much like Queensland’s new lane filtering laws, […]

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Lane Filtering Laws for QLD Motorbike Riders

Any motorbike rider who has made it through peak hour traffic would have experienced the honks, shouts, or at the very least, angry glances from car drivers annoyed at your ability to pass through traffic swiftly. Many drivers will grumble about motorbikes flouting the law without realising, if done properly, motorbike lane filtering is now […]

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Undercover Motorbike Cops & Mobile Phones

Have you ever pulled up at the lights, had a quick look around for cop cars then checked your mobile phone? Watch out! Perth, Western Australia now has undercover motorbike cops and they are cleaning up when it comes to drivers using mobile phones. We’ve already seen that things that work well for one State […]

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Car & Bike Interest Rates Explained

So What’s The Story With Interest Rates On Your Website? Published rates on our sites are generally the minimum we can currently source from one of our panel of lenders. So, Why Can’t I Just Have The Minimum Rate? Everyone’s circumstances are different and so the rate applicable to you may be different. The best interest […]

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