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How to Buy the Right Green Car

Rising fuel costs and global warming are enough reasons to go green with your ride. If you are one of a rising number of Aussies ready to invest in a new car with less environmental impact, here’s a quick guide. What is a green car & how does it work? A green car is a […]

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What is Balloon Car Finance?

When researching your options for car finance, you may come across some unfamiliar terminology which can be a little overwhelming to a first-time applicant. One particular term you might see is ‘balloon payment’. What is a balloon payment? A balloon payment is a lump sum that you will owe to the lender and is due […]

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What Is Car Depreciation?

While shopping for your next car, you might have asked at one point, “Why would anyone bother buying a used car?” Brand new cars are faultless and technologically advanced, while used cars have no warranty and may carry some mechanical problems. However, used cars are cheaper and more importantly, depreciation has less effect on them. […]

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Bank, Broker or Dealership: Which Car Finance Should You Choose?

Choosing the right finance provider is an important step when buying a new car. Emphasis on the word right. Your choice of financing can mean the difference between you enjoying your investment in your new ride for years to come, or feeling like the purchase was a burden. We understand that the options laid in […]

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Ways Car Dealerships Will Try To Rip You Off

This probably doesn’t surprise you, but car salesmen have been ripping everyone off for a long time. But coming to a showroom with a plan can help you to avoid a few tricks. The Oldest Sales Tricks In The Book That You Can Avoid This list will help you see what to watch out for […]

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Using a Car Finance Calculator

Using a Car Finance Calculator At we provide an easy to use Car Finance Calculator to help you work out what you can afford to borrow by helping you discover what your repayments would be. It provides a rough guide on your repayment amounts based on the loan amount, loan period and interest rate […]

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About Bad Credit Car Loans

Have you had bad credit in the past that still prevents you from getting loans or credit today? We understand that people sometimes make mistakes when it comes to their credit history, which is why we’ve created a way to help our second chance car finance. If you’ve had bad credit in the past but […]

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What’s The Catch With Zero Percent Car Finance?

You may have noticed car companies and dealerships from time to time advertising low interest or 0% interest rates for new car finance. While this looks like a great deal on the surface, the catch is that there can often be hidden extras and disadvantages from taking out these loans. You could end up paying […]

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Why A Busy Credit History Can Cost You

When you’re applying for a car or bike loan you want the best rate possible so you don’t end up paying more than you need to interest. Makes sense. In which case some people might consider shopping around for interest rates. This seems like a good idea in theory, however, shopping around could end up […]

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