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Top Affordable Sports Cars in Australia

According to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) data, more than 13,100 sports cars were sold in 2019. At least 7,600 of them cost under $80,000. That’s right. Contrary to popular belief, not all sports cars are super expensive. There are plenty of performance vehicles in the market that you can drive away without … Continue reading Top Affordable Sports Cars in Australia

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What is a Hybrid Car?

Car buyers today are faced with choosing more affordable but less eco-friendly vehicles and greener emission-free electric vehicles that can cost a fortune. However, it doesn’t always have to be a toss-up between the two. The best of both worlds can be found in a hybrid car. What is a hybrid car? A hybrid car … Continue reading What is a Hybrid Car?

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How to Buy the Right Green Car

Rising fuel costs and global warming are enough reasons to go green with your ride. If you are one of a rising number of Aussies ready to invest in a new car with less environmental impact, here’s a quick guide. What is a green car & how does it work? A green car is a … Continue reading How to Buy the Right Green Car

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The Most Affordable Brand New Cars

When shopping for a new car, most people would immediately associate advanced automotive features with a high price. That’s not entirely true though. Many affordable brand new cars today have safety technology and outstanding performance that will fit many Aussie families. Here are some of the most economical brand new cars that offer the best … Continue reading The Most Affordable Brand New Cars

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Are Hybrid Cars Worth It?

Thinking about buying a hybrid car but you’re having reservations? That’s quite alright. There is no denying that hybrid and electric cars are growing in popularity, for example, Toyota is planning to have a hybrid version of each model available by 2025. Despite the many capabilities of this dual-engine vehicle, including high fuel-efficiency and being … Continue reading Are Hybrid Cars Worth It?

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What Is Car Depreciation?

While shopping for your next car, you might have asked at one point, “Why would anyone bother buying a used car?” Brand new cars are faultless and technologically advanced, while used cars have no warranty and may carry some mechanical problems. However, used cars are cheaper and more importantly, depreciation has less effect on them. … Continue reading What Is Car Depreciation?

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New or Used Car? What You Need to Know

Deciding between a new or a used car is a tough decision for anyone looking to upgrade their ride. Either option offers many benefits that will work to your favour depending on your needs and priorities. If you’ll be purchasing a car soon and need some help to make the right decision, here are the … Continue reading New or Used Car? What You Need to Know

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Signs That You Need A New Car

Do you own an old Mazda 3, BMW 3 Series or another reliable yet aged vehicle? There are 2019 versions of these vehicles are now available in Australia, with the latest technologies in safety, navigation, and entertainment. Is it time to sell your car? With a massive range of new 2018/19 models now available from … Continue reading Signs That You Need A New Car

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Your Guide to Electric Cars

Electric Cars are becoming the new favourite of the motoring world and there’s no wonder why. They’re environmentally friendly, have lower operating costs, and need minimal maintenance. A greater number of electric cars are now available in the market as well. And with charging stations accessible all over the country, these emission-free vehicles are have … Continue reading Your Guide to Electric Cars

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Is Diesel Doomed?

News has been circulating about the looming end of diesel-engine vehicles in Australia. If this is true, it will be a huge concern for the automotive industry since diesel vehicles like SUVs, LCVs, and heavy commercial trucks comprise a large chunk of total car sales in the country. In fact, more than 32 per cent … Continue reading Is Diesel Doomed?

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