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Month: February 2018

How to Buy an Environmentally Friendly Car

Air pollution in Australia can be attributed to the country’s lenient sulfur standards for petrol. This leads to high vehicle emissions on a daily level. Green Cars Do Something Positive For The Environment A running car on stand-by emits a significant amount of carbon, and a lot more after travelling for a couple of hours. […]

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Toyota to Have All Vehicles Electric by 2025

In 2009, Toyota said all its models would have a hybrid version in the early 2020s. It’s now 2018 and the company hasn’t forgotten that promise and have no plans of backing out. Although their competitors Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover have already said they’ll be releasing electrified powertrain models in 2019 and 2020 respectively. […]

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Ways Car Dealerships Will Try To Rip You Off

This probably doesn’t surprise you, but car salesmen have been ripping everyone off for a long time. But coming to a showroom with a plan can help you to avoid a few tricks. The Oldest Sales Tricks In The Book That You Can Avoid This list will help you see what to watch out for […]

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