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If you're looking to buy a new or used car in Townsville, (the team behind is an excellent option for financing your purchase. Whether you're after a city driving car, something with a little more power, or a 4x4 to hit the dirt tracks and best fishing spots, we will find the best rate for you.

With competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms, we can make it easy and affordable to get behind the wheel of your dream car. By choosing to finance your car purchase with us, you can enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Fast and Easy Approval Process: we have a fast and easy online application process that can help you get approved for a car loan in minutes, so you can focus on finding the perfect car.
  • Competitive Interest Rates: we offer competitive interest rates on car loans, which can help you save money over the life of your loan.
  • Flexible Repayment Terms: we offer flexible repayment terms that can be tailored to your budget and lifestyle.

We are one of the leading private finance companies in Australia offering fast approvals on New or Used Car Finance and bike loans in Townsville at competitive interest rates.

What are the popular cars in Townsville?

There are several popular cars in Townsville, Queensland, including the Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi Triton, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Nissan Navara. These models are particularly popular due to their ruggedness, reliability, and suitability for the region's harsh terrain and climate. Additionally, many residents in Townsville prioritise vehicles with high towing and off-road capabilities due to the prevalence of outdoor activities in the area.

Road trip ideas in Townsville, Queensland

There are several great road trip ideas in the Townsville region of Queensland, here are some of them:

  1. Bowling Green Bay National Park: Drive south of Townsville to explore the Bowling Green Bay National Park, which features stunning mountain ranges, secluded beaches, and a variety of wildlife.
  2. Paluma Range National Park: Take a scenic drive through the Paluma Range National Park, which is located about an hour north of Townsville. This park features stunning waterfalls, lush rainforest, and breathtaking views.
  3. Wallaman Falls: Drive south of Townsville to visit Wallaman Falls, the highest single-drop waterfall in Australia. The scenic drive and hiking trails provide stunning views of the surrounding rainforest and mountains.
  4. Burdekin River: Take a drive along the Burdekin River, one of the longest rivers in Queensland. The drive offers stunning views of the river and surrounding countryside, as well as opportunities for fishing and boating.
  5. Charters Towers: Drive inland to the historic gold-mining town of Charters Towers, which is located about 90 minutes southwest of Townsville. The town is known for its impressive architecture and rich history.

Do you finance new and used cars?

Yes, we offer financing options for both new and used vehicles, and we can help you with all the necessary details to finalise your car loan. If you're purchasing your car from a local dealership in Townsville, we can assist you in organising the finance and deal. We also offer our services for private sales, helping you with a car loan and facilitating the process for all parties involved.

Find out your monthly, fortnightly or weekly repayment amount using our quick and easy car loan repayment calculator so you can make an informed decision when it comes to financing your car . Call us for a more accurate indication of the interest rate you’re eligible for or apply online today.

Do you provide secured and unsecured finance?

We usually provide secured car loans to our clients since this is the common request we receive from the people of Townsville. However, in some cases, we may also try to arrange the possibility of organising an unsecured car loan. 

It’s important to note that an unsecured car loan typically has a higher interest rate compared to a secured loan, since unsecured loans do not require any collateral.

Secured car loans, on the other hand, requires the borrower to offer a collateral, this is usually the car being purchased.

What is a balloon payment and do you offer this?

A balloon payment is essentially a final payment that you choose to reduce your loan payments during the loan term. At the end of the loan period, you are required to either pay off the final payment or refinance the car loan and continue to pay off the balloon amount.

Balloon payments are often used in car loans because cars depreciate in value over time. By making lower payments during the loan term, borrowers can avoid being "upside down" on their car loan, which means owing more on the car than it is worth. However, it's important to note that a balloon payment will increase the total cost of the loan and may result in the borrower having to refinance or sell the car to cover the payment.

Balloon payments can be an ideal choice for those who are confident they can pay the large sum at the end of the loan term, or those who are planning to sell the car and use the proceeds to pay off the balloon payment.

We provide this service to our customers, and we have observed a growing trend towards using balloon payments to make car loans more affordable.

Car Dealerships in Townsville

For best price and offers on new cars start online with

If your in the market for a physical dealership some great options are below. Let help you with your finance on your next purchase.

Mike Carney Toyota

Address: 124-154 Duckworth St, Garbutt QLD 4814, Australia

Phone: (07) 4759 4200

Nissan Townsville

Address: 533 Sturt St, Townsville QLD 4810 

Phone: (07) 4726 2626

Pickerings Auto Group 

Address 719 Flinders Street, Townsville City, QLD 4810 

Phone: (07) 4726 5555

Tony Ireland Holden 

34 Duckworth Street, Garbutt, QLD 4814 

Phone: (07) 4726 7777

Von Bibra Townsville

115 Charters Towers Road, Hyde Park, QLD 4812

Phone: (07) 4722 4800

Carmichael Ford 

17-19 Blackwood Street, Townsville City, QLD 4810

Phone: (07) 4721 4321

Booth's Motor Group

181 Ingham Road, West End, QLD 4810

Phone: (07) 4726 7777

Tropical Auto Group

115 Charters Towers Road, Hyde Park, QLD 4812

Phone: (07) 4722 4800


Below are some frequently asked questions we receive regarding car finance. Click on a question for more information.

SUV's are popular in Townsville due to their versatility and practicality. They offer ample cargo space and a higher driving position, making them ideal for city driving and light off-roading.

Both. We can offer car financing for both new and used cars, our consultants will discuss options with you and help you find what suits you best.

Townsville has some picturesque scenery, and will be great for road trips with friends or family. Popular trips include Airlie Beach or for something longer, Cairns region.

You may still be able to get a car loan if you have a bad credit history in Townsville, but the interest rate may be higher. Some lenders may also require a co-signer or a larger deposit. It is best to talk to a lender to understand your options.

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