Tweed Heads Car Loans

Are you looking for a new or used car in Tweed Heads? or you may be looking to upgrade to something more luxurious, can help you get the lowest car loan rate around in Tweed Heads.

We are known for the lowest interest rate car loan provider from our wide panel of lenders. Whether you're purchasing a brand new or second-hand vehicle, through a private sale or at a tweed head dealer, our brokers can help you get a great deal on finance.

Learn more about our car finance options below, or fill out our online application form today.


Do You Finance New & Used Cars?

Yes, you have arrived at the right place. We provide financing for new and used vehicles in Tweed Heads and can help you with all the necessary details to finalize the loan.

We can also help you if you're purchasing from a Tweed Heads car dealership, we can organize the finance, as well as how the deal comes together. We can also help arrange loans for private car sales and facilitate the entire process so that all parties are taken care of promptly and efficiently. So, no matter where you buy your next car in Tweed Heads, consider us for a hassle-free car loan.

What About Car Loan Comparison Websites?

Honestly, we suggest you don't waste your time searching for car loan comparison rate websites. These sites are purely set up to make money off referrals to lenders and they give generic auto finance interest rate information which may not even apply to your particular situation. We beleive in 100% transperency, we have access to a wide range of lenders who all have a variety of lending criteria and we will work with the lender to get you the right finance package.

One other issue you can also face if you go it alone and apply with a number of different lenders, this can potentially flag you as a credit risk. This is because each new finance application is recorded on your credit record which can have an adverse effect. This can then potentially land you with a higher interest rate loan!

You can get indicative monthly, fortnightly or weekly repayment amount by using our quick and easy car loan repayment calculator but if you want more accurate information on car loan interest rate in which you are eligible, give us a call. Alternatively, you can apply online and we'll do our best to secure you the best deal to suit your circumstances.

Do you provide secured and unsecured finance? predominantly focus on secured car loans for most of our clients as this is what most people come to us for, however, in the rare scenario we can try to organise an unsecured auto loan. Keep in mind that unsecured loans have a higher interest rate than a secured loan and in certain circumstances, we can't provide an unsecured loan. So, it is always better to talk to our consultant.

What is a balloon payment and do you offer this?

A balloon payment is where you choose to pay a "final payment" of a certain sum which effectively reduces your loan repayment for the life of the loan. When you reach the end of the loan period the "balloon amount" is due and you can either pay it or refinance the car loan and continue to pay the "balloon amount" off.

We provide a balloon payment feature in Tweed Heads and across Norther Rivers as it has become increasingly popular. View some of the benefits of balloon payments here. 

Do you provide car loans for Tweed Heads businesses?

Yes, we can certainly help your business with car financing in the forms of:

  • Hire purchase
  • Chattel mortgage
  • Car finance lease
  • Company cars and novated car leasing

Just fill in an online finance application or call us 1300 880 078 and we'll help you with your business car finance.

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