Sunshine Coast Car Loans

If you’re looking for car finance on the Sunshine Coast, naturally you want the best rate available.

At we work hard to find you the best interest rate possible for your car loan.

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How to get a good car loan in Sunshine Coast

Securing a favorable car loan on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland requires a combination of research, preparation, and strategic decision-making. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get a good car loan in this vibrant region:

Know Your Credit Score:

Start by checking your credit score. A good credit score often translates to better loan terms and interest rates. If your score needs improvement, take steps to enhance it before applying for a loan.

Compare Interest Rates

Research and compare interest rates from various lenders, including local banks, credit unions, and online lenders. This helps you identify the most competitive rates available.

Determine Your Budget

Calculate a budget that includes not only the monthly car loan payment but also other expenses like insurance, fuel, and maintenance. Ensure the loan fits comfortably within this budget. You can use our car loan calculator to easily estimate if you can afford the car monthly repayments.

Get Pre-Approved

Obtaining pre-approval does not only sets a clear budget but also enhances your bargaining power when dealing with dealerships or private sellers.

Loan Type Understanding

Differentiate between secured and unsecured loans. Secured loans, backed by collateral, often come with lower interest rates, while unsecured loans might have higher rates.

Save for a down payment 

Providing a substantial down payment can significantly reduce the loan amount, potentially leading to lower interest rates and overall savings.

With these steps in mind, you'll be well-prepared to secure a good car loan on the Sunshine Coast. By leveraging local options, understanding loan terms, and making informed decisions, you can drive away with your dream car while ensuring financial stability.

Best-selling vehicles on the Sunshine Coast

Queensland is one of the two Australian states that’s dominated by utes last 2022. Here are the top selling cars on the Sunshine Coast, and the number of vehicles sold that year, according to

  1. Toyota HiLux – 14,171
  2. Ford Ranger – 7,337
  3. Mitsubishi Triton – 6,340
  4. Toyota RAV4 – 5,972
  5. Isuzu D-Max – 5,579
  6. Toyota LandCruiser Prado – 5,242
  7. Mazda CX-5 – 5,021
  8. Mitsubishi Outlander – 3,594
  9. Mazda BT-50 – 3,583
  10. MG MG3 – 3,419

If you’re thinking of buying any of these cars from a dealership, auction, or private seller, can assist you in getting a competitive interest rate on your car loan.

Road trip ideas on the Sunshine Coast

Exploring the Sunshine Coast in Australia offers a plethora of scenic road trip opportunities. Whether you're after coastal beauty, lush hinterlands, or charming towns, the Sunshine Coast has it all. Here are some road trip tips to make the most of your journey:

Coastal Drive along the Great Beach Drive

Embark on the iconic Great Beach Drive, where you can drive on the beach itself. Start from Noosa and venture through Rainbow Beach, Double Island Point, and eventually reach Fraser Island. Be sure to check tide times and driving conditions before heading out.

Hinterland Escape to Maleny and Montville

Head to the Sunshine Coast hinterland for a serene road trip. Visit charming towns like Maleny and Montville, known for their artsy vibes, boutique shops, and stunning views of the Glass House Mountains.

Noosa to Mooloolaba Coastal Route

Drive along the coastline from Noosa to Mooloolaba, passing through popular beaches like Coolum and Maroochydore. Enjoy breathtaking ocean views and stop for a swim or a meal at the many beachfront cafes.

Mary Valley Adventure

Discover the lush Mary Valley region by taking a scenic drive from Gympie to Kenilworth. You'll encounter rolling hills, dairy farms, and the iconic Kenilworth Cheese Factory.

Eumundi Markets and Beyond

Visit the famous Eumundi Markets and then continue your journey to explore nearby towns like Yandina, known for its ginger factory, and Cooroy with its boutique shops.

Glass House Mountains Discovery

Experience the rugged beauty of the Glass House Mountains. Drive through the Glass House Mountains Lookout circuit for stunning panoramic views and explore walking trails.

Bribie Island Getaway

Take a short drive to Bribie Island for a relaxed day trip. Enjoy beaches, fishing spots, and the Bribie Island Seaside Museum.

Caloundra Coastal Cruise

Explore the beaches of Caloundra, from Bulcock Beach to Moffat Beach. Don't miss the scenic coastal walk connecting these beautiful spots.

Sunshine Coast Car Dealerships

Get the best price and exclusive offers on new cars by starting online with If you prefer a physical dealership, explore the excellent options listed below.

Here are some Sunshine Coast car dealerships with their addresses, contact numbers, and websites:

Cricks Maroochydore

Address: 88 Sugar Rd, Maroochydore QLD 4558

Contact: (07) 5450 3300


Coastal Car Talk

Address: 61 Coronation Avenue, Nambour QLD 4560 

Contact: (07) 5441 1733


Sunshine Toyota on the Sunshine Coast

Address: 689 Nicklin Way, Currimundi QLD 4551

Contact: (07) 5493 3900


Cricks Volkswagen Maroochydore

Address: 6 Flinders Ln, Maroochydore QLD 4558, Australia

Contact: +61 7 5373 3100