Much like Western Australia, the road rules for motorbike riders in the Northern Territory are mostly the same as for other motorists, with just a few exceptions.We’ll look at some of the main differences from other states and important points to remember if you’re going on an Aussie road trip.


Northern Territory has joined the international helmet standard movement, accepting European Standards for motorbike helmets, along with the Australian and New Zealand Standards. This means if you’re riding around Queensland with an ECE 22.05 motorbike helmet, you can hop the border into NT without any problems.

Allowing riders to wear helmets with the European standards sticker still protects riders through the safety standards of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, while opening up a wider range of helmet options and competitive pricing.

Motorcycle Rider looking into the sunsetPassengers & Riding With Others

You can only carry one pillion passenger, they must have an approved helmet and be at least 8 years of age.

If you are travelling with other motorbike riders, you can share a lane side by side, so long as there is a 1.5-metre gap. You can’t ride more than two abreast.

Lane Filtering

While there aren’t any laws specifically pertaining to lane filtering in NT, it’s reported that even in the city of Darwin traffic volumes are so low that lane filtering isn’t really an issue.

The state’s road book basically says it’s “not recommended”. Normal vehicle road rules apply in these situations so you can be fined if you try lane splitting, but it’s probably not likely.

Basically, for everything else, it’s best to assume the rules are the same as those for regular vehicles.

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