Motorbike riding laws differ from state to state across Australia. Whether you’re moving to Canberra, or just passing through on a road trip, make sure you know the riding laws in the ACT.

Motorcycle Lane Filtering in Canberra

The ACT started a 2 year trial in February 2015, for lane filtering laws allowing riders to pass between slow moving vehicles in the same lane. While similar to the laws introduced in Queensland and New South Wales, there are some differences you should take note of before cutting through traffic.

Fully licenced riders can move between cars when it is safe, both car and motorcycles are travelling slower than 30km/hr. You cannot lane filter in school zones, next to a kerbside, footpath, bicycle or breakdown lane, nor can you filter past heavy vehicles and buses.

Lane splitting – moving between lanes and vehicles at speeds over 30km/hr – is still illegal and will see you pulled over and fined. Remember, this is still in a trial phase so it’s important we don’t abuse these laws so they can be fully implemented to benefit all riders.

ACT Motorcycle Helmet Laws

As with all Australian roads, riders must wear an approved motorcycle helmet. The difference is the ACT accepts all Australian, New Zealand and European standard approved helmets. So you can wear your UNECE 22.05 approved helmet, but remember to check the laws for each state you travel through as some still only allow AU and NZ approvals.

Motorcycle Parking Laws

Canberra has over 100 designated motorcycle parking zones. These designated motorcycle parking zones, if within a ticketed parking area, do not require you to pay for parking. However, if you park in a ticketed area and don’t park your bike in the designated motorcycle parking zone, you will have to pay for parking and display a ticket.

You can find a map of all the designated motorcycle parking zones at Canberra Motorbike Parking.

Other Riding Laws in ACT

While many Canberra locals are still not aware, motorbikes are permitted to use bus lanes, as well as T2 and T3 transit lanes. While motorbikes can use bus lanes, if the signage states “Buses Only Lane” the lane cannot be used by motorbikes.

Motorcycles cannot use bicycle lanes with one exception – they can be used for a maximum of 50 metres when entering or leaving a lane, or when avoiding an obstruction such as a vehicle accident.

For more information, you can have a read of the ACT Motorcycle Rider’s Handbook.

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