Air pollution in Australia can be attributed to the country’s lenient sulfur standards for petrol. This leads to high vehicle emissions on a daily level.

Green Cars Do Something Positive For The Environment

A running car on stand-by emits a significant amount of carbon, and a lot more after travelling for a couple of hours.

Aside from the bad impact to the environment, the continuous increase in fuel prices is another reason why many people choose to trade their conventional cars for an eco-friendly one.

What is an eco-friendly/green car?

A car is considered green or eco-friendly when its emission of carbon is low because of its use of an electric or hybrid system.

Electric cars run using purely electricity only and need charging from home or public charging points. Another way that an electric car can accumulate energy is through its deceleration process.

On the other hand, hybrid cars have the option to use both electric and petrol engines to make them run. There is no need to recharge hybrid cars as the energy created by running the petrol motor will recharging the electric batteries.

Why should you buy a green car?

Green cars not only help you save on fuel expenses, but also have a positive impact on the environment. Aside from having low or no petrol costs, here are some other benefits of green cars:

  • Lesser carbon is released into the atmosphere because of low emission.
  • Reduction in noise pollution.
  • Better air quality.
  • Reduced stamp duty in all Australian states and territories.

How to spot a green car?

With the rise of the number of green car users, it’s easier these days to identify if a car is eco-friendly or not. Here are some suggestions:

Verify the source of electricity. However, coal should not be the source of the electricity. If it uses coal to recharge the battery, it will still emit carbon and electric cars should not have a carbon footprint.

Research for unbiased reviews by seeking independent institutions that may help attest to test emission of your desired green car.

Check the Fuel Consumption Label to confirm that the car in question has met the emission testing requirements. This is usually affixed to the windscreen of new cars.

Read reports of government bodies to identify the environmental performance of vehicles.

Is there a disadvantage of using eco-friendly cars?

Since there are still more people using petrol engines, green cars are still relatively expensive which means that price is the only drawback. It will take many years for an electric car to offset the expenses incurred when purchasing one compared to a petrol car.

Aside from the price, the distance an eco-friendly car can travel before it runs out of battery is also limited. Rest assured that the battery technology is advancing and this may lead to a discovery of range solutions for green cars.

5 of the Most Popular Eco-Friendly Cars


Toyota Corolla Hybrid

This is one of the most popular hybrid cars in Australia. It has a simple style but most affordable. Corolla is known for its versatility and practicality and these characteristics are both present in its Hybrid version. You won’t get much attention because of its simplicity, but its price of $26,990 is what it makes one of the most common hybrid cars on the road.

Toyota Prius

A slightly more modern hybrid powertrain than the Corolla is another model from Toyota, the Toyota Prius. It has a distinctive design, thanks to its aero-optimised exterior. Another plus is the ability to recharge its engine with every break. Some of the reasons why people do not go for this car is its expensive cost which is $34,990, moderate highway performance, and lack of plug-in capability.

Nissan Leaf

This is the top-selling electric car in the world, but the cheapest pure-electric car in Australia. Its price of $39,990 is cheaper than most other cars of the same size. One drawback, however, is that it won’t go the distance with an estimated 170km per charge.

Mitsubishi Outlandish PHEV

Although no seven-seat option, the PHEV still has the adequate space SUVs have to offer. Mostly known for its fuel efficiency, it consumes 1.9L in 100km. Its price for $47,490 is expensive, but you won’t go wrong with its regenerative braking.

Audi A3 Sportback e-Tron

Being the most expensive Audi A3 for a price of $62,490, this hybrid car has a great technology offering long range, good acceleration, and quieter performance than other hybrid vehicles. Its classic design also looks stunning.