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Dealership Sales

Most dealerships in Australia will only have a relationship with 1 or 2 finance companies to assist you with your new or used car finance. This seriously limits your choices and potential costs. More importantly though, the finance consultants they employ work for them, not you! (Take a look at our "Beginners Guide To Buying A Car: Part 2")

These financiers are the ones providing the dealership with their financing - from the purchase of their stock to the purchase of the dealership. In return, the dealer has a loyalty to the provider and may even receive rewards for clients they submit to them.

This lack of choice means you may be paying too much for your car or bike loan.

At, we have an approved panel of 9 lenders for your car and bike finance that gives us the broadest range of finance options.  We offer you the deal that is going to save you the most money, with payment options that suit you.

We will keep the process very simple when the time comes to settle your loan. We liaise directly with the dealer to get all the necessary details of the vehicle.

We can provide car finance in all major cities including: Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We also provide car loans to individuals all over Australia and can help anyone in regional areas. Call us 1300 88 00 78 or apply online.

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