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Car Hire Purchase

Car hire purchase is a form of rental agreement where the vehicle automatically become yours once all the terms of the agreement have been completed. This is in contrast with a car lease agreement where you have a number of options after the lease term is up.

Tax Advantages of Car Hire Purchase

With’s panel of lenders, ownership of the vehicle remains with them until the final payment is made. For tax purposes though, you may be able to claim depreciation and interest on your business income. Talk to your accountant for more advice and information.

Upfront Deposits and Balloon Payment Options

We also offer the option of including an upfront deposit or trade-in so you can reduce your rental commitment. You can even set a balloon payment at the end of the term to acknowledge the equipment’s end value. You can also structure your rentals to clear the debt in full over the term of your hire purchase agreement.

At Car Finance, we work out on a repayment schedule to suit your needs as well as sourcing competitive car hire purchase rates in the industry.

If you're looking into a hire purchase agreement you can use our car hire purchase calculator to get an estimate of the cost of repayments*. 

*Please note stamp duty varies state to state as well as balloon amount restrictions.

We can provide car finance to businesses in all major cities including: Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We also provide commercial car finance to individuals all over Australia, including in regional areas. Call us on 1300 88 00 78 or apply online.

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