This probably doesn’t surprise you, but car salesmen have been ripping everyone off for a long time. But coming to a showroom with a plan can help you to avoid a few tricks.

The Oldest Sales Tricks In The Book That You Can Avoid

This list will help you see what to watch out for and know how you can avoid paying more than you should.

#1. They make you focus on the monthly payment

Here’s how this will go down: the salesman will ask your ideal monthly payment and once you give your number, they will tell you that Yes! You can buy a car at this price! Perfect, right? And so you sign the deal. However, you probably just said “yes” to a lot more than you know. However, by the time you realize this, everything is signed and paid, there’s no turning back.

Tip: Before going to a dealership, decide on what vehicle to get. Be as specific as you can. Do your research and know the price. This way, you can do the math yourself and figure out if the monthly payment presented to you checks out. You’ll be prepared enough to discuss the details of the loan and can question an amount that’s too high.

#2. They Tempt You To Extend The Warranty

When salesmen offer an extended warranty, they talk about providing optimum protection for your car. But do you know how long the factory warranty is and what it covers? Only when you know this can you decide if an extended warranty is a necessary purchase.

Tip: Invest the money you would spend on the extended warranty instead. Wait for it to grow and tap on it when you need it. Chances are, you wouldn’t have to use it until after, 4 or 5 years. By then, the amount would’ve increased and can pay for any repair the car might need.

#3. They Give A Low Price For Your Trade-In

Here’s one scenario: You bring your car to a dealership for a trade-in because you were offered a good price for it. Once you’re there, they inspect it and say they found problems. As a result, they’re offering you less than what they initially did. It definitely feels wrong, but it’s hard to argue because you have nothing to prove them otherwise.

Tip: You can negotiate the offer by mentioning that other dealerships have given you a better price. That tells them that they can’t rob you blind, so they might give you a better offer rather than let a customer walk away.

#4. They Make You Sign A Borrowed Car Agreement

Dealerships take care of the paperwork for financing and let you go home with the car even while it’s still being processed. But just before you go, you’ll be asked to sign a borrowed car agreement. While you think everything is going smoothly, it’s possible that you’ll be asked to return the car one day. The dealership then explains it happened because the previous financing wasn’t approved. Then, they offer you a loan with a much higher interest.

Tip: Though it’s an elaborate scheme, the solution to it is simple. You should never take the car home until its financing has been approved. Another good option is to organise your own car finance so that you’re in control. See our car finance options and apply online. Alternatively, call us today on 1300 880 078.

#5. They Want To Waste Your Time

Anyone who has bought a car has probably observed how processing seems to take forever. Little do they know this tactic is used by salesmen so buyers would get really bored, and eventually, this boredom will cause them to agree to almost anything. This has been quite effective for dealerships and dangerous for buyers. Many probably overlook details in the bill that they should be questioning.

Tip: As soon as you get to the dealership, you have to express that you don’t intend to stay long. Talk about the price of the car and the offers from other places that you went to and start making comparisons. This tells them you mean business and that will walk out if they can’t offer you something fair.

You Need To Put In The Hard yards To Get A Good Purchase

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. To get a good car, you have to do a fair amount of research. But what’s important is that you don’t just go with the flow, you learn to question, reason out and negotiate so that no one can take you for a ride.