What is a campervan?

CaravanA campervan is a type of recreational vehicle (RV) made from fitting out a van or people mover with bedding, kitchen facilities and sometimes even basic bathroom amenities. Think of it as a small caravan packed into a family van.

While they’ve been a staple for backpackers for many years, campervans are now becoming a popular choice for young and old holidaymakers wanting to travel economically, save money and enjoy their destination rather than just the hotel.

Though they’re considerably smaller than other leisure vehicles, such as caravans and motorhomes, with modern appliances and innovative designs you can still enjoy many of your home comforts. But is it worth buying a campervan? We look at the pros and cons of campervans to help you make a decision.

Campervan Pros

Money – If you’re comparing a campervan to other leisure vehicles, like caravans and motorhomes, a campervan will often come out as the cheaper option when it comes to fuel consumption thanks to being much smaller and lighter.

Manageable size – Campervans are as easy to drive as a really big car because that’s pretty much what they are. They have better bridge clearance than motorhomes, they’re easier to drive in traffic, can be parked in town for rest stops, and you don’t have to try reversing a hitched trailer.

Time – You won’t have to hitch and unhitch your accommodation. Once you pull up and put the parking brake on that’s pretty much it, other than perhaps a shade pull out and a pop top.

More camping options – There are a lot more campgrounds and even parking lots you can stay overnight with a campervan that you wouldn’t be allowed to in a full-size caravan or motorhome. You’ll most likely be charged lower site fees and be more likely to find a spot at busy campsites.

Freedom – Your transport is your accommodation and you can stay in most caravan parks and campgrounds with short notice. So if you’re impulsive you can ditch the itinerary and just head out whenever and wherever you want.

Campervan Cons

Money – While a campervan may save you money on fuel consumption if other RVs are your alternative, but it’s also another engine you have to maintain on top of your regular car. This includes servicing and registration.

Size – If you really like your space a campervan probably isn’t for you, especially if you have a family with kids. You’ll need to be organised to keep everything tidy and you’ll probably only be in the campervan to cook, clean and sleep.

Limited freedom – While it’s great that you can take your home on your back wherever you want, you also have to take your home on your back. If you decide to go to a restaurant or something in town and you can’t walk there from the campground you’ll have to take the campervan.

Septic tank – Whether you have a bathroom, toilet, or even just a kitchenette with a sink, there will be a septic tank and you will have to empty it.

Do you want to buy a Campervan?

Everyone holidays differently. So for some readers, the pros will outweigh the cons, some will see it the other way, and some of you are still looking back at the septic tank.

But if you’re an adventurous traveller that holidays as much as possible, spending more time exploring the destination than sitting around the hotel room than you’re likely to love a campervan.

So hire one for a weekend and see how you go.

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