The Right Camper Trailer For You

Camper TrailersWhether you have a love for camping, you enjoy travelling on a budget, or your favourite holiday spots are miles from civilisation, a camper trailer might be just the thing you need for your holiday adventures.

There’s a huge range of camper trailers on the market to suit all travellers; singles, young couples, families and retirees. The important thing is to find the right one for you.

What kind of camping are you doing?

Firstly, you need to ask yourself what you want to use your camper trailer for.

There are different camper trailers for different camping styles; some are made for compact comfort on maintained caravan park campsites, while others are made sturdy enough to stand up to tough four-wheel driving.

You can also find ones that are particularly suited to hot, dry, wet or cold climates.

You also need to consider your budget. Whether you can afford a new camper trailer or need to buy a second-hand camper to get the capability you’re after. At Car, we can help you with great rates on caravan and leisure vehicle loans, allowing you to focus on the camping rather than the cost.

Also, think about what your car can tow. You may want all the luxuries while you’re travelling, but if your two-door hatchback can’t tow the camper trailer then it’s probably going to sit in the backyard and only get used when you have too many guests to fit in the house. If a decent camper trailer is in your sights you may have to consider a smaller one or look at upgrading your car.

When you have an idea of the things you want from your camper trailer you can look at which type of camper will suit all your goals.

Types of Camper Trailers

Different campers are suited to different kinds of camping, holiday activities, environments, as well as the size and weight restrictions. There are trailers that are made to be quick and easy to put up and pull down, and others that provide more creature comforts.

Have a look at a basic rundown of what each type of camper trailer has to offer;

Soft Floor Camper TrailerSoft Floor Camper Trailer

Made primarily out of durable canvas, soft floor campers provide the most space for their packed up size, sometimes extending out up to 14 foot.

They’re assembled by pulling the canvas floor, extending an internal frame and securing with rope and tent pegs.

The kitchen is usually a draw on the side of the trailer that can be accessed even while the tent is packed away.

Flip-over Camper Trailer

Flipover Camper Trailer

Sacrificing the extra space for soft floor campers, the flip-over camper trailer models are generally quicker and easier to set up.

By simply opening out the hard top trailer, you have a floor suspended off the ground by adjustable legs and an attached tent that requires just a few ropes and pegs to secure.

While there is less floor space, you’ll have a level, dry place to sleep when camping in less than favourable conditions.

The kitchen slides out from the side and there’s even a ready-made bed within the camper.

Windup Camper TrailerWindup Camper Trailer

To set up a wind-up camper trailer the hardtop roof is raised mechanically to reveal canvas sides and a ready-made bed within and.

While windups are usually only as wide as the packed up camper trailer some models do include wind out portions to provide more space.

They provide a dry, level floor and are quicker and easier to set up than the other two camper styles, but have difficulty accommodating more than two people.


While these designs will cover your basic camping needs, if you’re more serious about your outdoor activities you can also consider getting a camper trailer custom made to include spaces for pet cages, dirt bikes, kayaks or whatever it is you need when on holiday.

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